Mandeted with all legal issues concerning Tanzania Board

ICT Unit Functions. The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Unit develops, implements and supports Information Systems and Applications that support the Organization and all business processes of the Organization. The Unit also provides access to ICT resources; supports and maintains Organization ICT facilities.

This is the Unit hos functions include improving positive image of the organisation to external and internal public.it also have to ensure that there is good media relationship.

Dealing with checking all procedures and activities of TTB in line.

The general responsibilities of the Unit are:

a)Prepare budget and plans and then implement procurement and payments for PMU day to day office consumables and facilities.

b)Coordinate the procurement and disposal of assets by tender activities;

c)Recommend procurement and disposal by tender procedures;

d)Verify scope, specifications and statements of requirements from User Units;

e)Prepare quotations and tendering documents;

f)Prepare advertisements of tender opportunities;

g)Coordinate the quotation and tender filling process by bidders;

h)Receive filled quotations and tenders, coordinate opening and evaluation of the same including review of evaluation reports;

i)Arrange dTRTB meetings, coordinate its business and prepare its records;

j)Coordinate negotiation of tenders

k)Prepare, coordinate signing issue approved contract documents;

l)Maintain and archive records of the procurement and disposal process;

m)Maintain a list or register of all contracts awarded;

n)Prepare monthly reports on the implementation of the Unit business and annual procurement plan for the tender board and management;

o)Prepare and submit quarterly checklist reports for review by management and eventual submission to Public Procurement Regulatory Authority;

p)Coordinate with Government Procurement Services Agency (GPSA) on matters of supply of goods and Non Consultancy Services; and

q)Prepare other reports as may be required from time to time